Our Hand Lay-Up Service

Our Spray-Up is another service that is a part of our open-molded manufacturing process. During this process, we use a custom spray ‘gun’ to chop up strand glass to mix it with a resin. Our technicians manually spray the chopped glass around a mold based on the customer’s specifications for thickness from the customer. We then hand-roll the applied glass manually. This process helps us produce components with impressive structural integrity.

Spray-Up Manufacturing Services

Why Choose Us For Spray-Up Services

The Spray-Up process is the most common method in the open-mold process for the manufacturing of fiberglass-based components. 

Our people have been fulfilling Spray-Up needs for companies for many years now. Clients know they can count on us because:

Components We Manufacture With This Process

When you go with components manufactured using the Spray-Up process, you get components for the transportation, marine, and recreational industries.

Here are some of the components that we regularly manufacture for our clients: 

  • Truck head
  • External bus parts (front and rear cowl panel)
  • Bumpers
  • CT Bodt
  • Boat body
  • Internal Parts (wheel arch box, rear seat covers)
  • Tanks
  • Wind Power Equipment
CNC Fiberglass Laser Cutting Machine

Our Partners

Our company has developed strong working relationships with companies from so many industries because of our commitment to delivering high-quality components.

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