Our SMC Services

We are experts when it comes to manufacturing parts using Sheet Molding Compound. We are able to produce components of any level of complexity- and able to produce in high volumes. From the prototyping stage to the final product- we are experienced, reliable, and versatile to provide for any industry.

Sheet Molding Compound Service

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We are strong at designing and making the related molds which are key to the quality level of the finished parts. We have a high-pressure compound machine that is over 6000 tons. We are capable of mass-producing a wide variety of products. We can mold any of the hundreds of SMC variations on demand. The precision, design, experience and technology will continue to contribute to our success.

SMC Components We Create

With SMC- we are capable of creating a wide range of components. The SMC components we manufacture are durable, lightweight, and work to resist impact. When you go with the SMC process, you usually end up with components for the transportation, recreation, and medical industries.

Here are some of the components that we regularly manufacture for our clients:

  • Door Assemblies
  • Body Panels
  • Roof Panels
  • Spoilers
  • Fenders
  • Bumpers for Bus
  • Bumpers for Truck
  • Bumpers for Boat
CNC Fiberglass Laser Cutting Machine
Where in Canada do you ship your Sheet Moulding Compound products to?

We work with companies all across Canada and ship our fiberglass products to all the major Canadian cities, including:


We have been working with a number of different clients from a variety of industries. People come to us because we always deliver amazing final results that our clients love. If you need customized solutions for your components, our fiberglass manufacturing company is the one you will want to call. Our team manufactures components for businesses in many industries including:

Our Partners

Our company has developed strong working relationships with companies from so many industries because of our commitment to delivering high-quality components. Here are some of the companies we have helped:
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Shanghai Electric
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