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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (also known as FRP) are a composite material made of a polymer matrix that is reinforced with fibers (like fiberglass). This composite material is mainly used in designs for end-products that need to save on weight, require precise engineering, need reliable tolerances and are simple to produce and operate. Companies across many industries know that they can rely on us to fulfill their FRP needs because:

Hand Lay Up FRP

Why Choose BLG Hand Lay-up FRPs

Our team has been working with companies from various industries for many years now. Clients come to us because we have a solid reputation built on delivering incredible final products for our clients. This is great method to produce fiberglass parts with big size, complex structure, less volume. And we have team with solid experiences in real practice and craft.

FRP Benefits And Uses

Whether through a open-molded or close-molded process, our FRPS have a low weight-to-strength ratio, meaning they are very durable and easy to work with. Beyond that, they are resistant to corrosion and can withstand high temperatures.

Our team can produce components for things like truck heads, bus external parts, bumpers, internal parts, boat body, tanks, wind power equipment, CT body, bus, tractors and trucks fenders, cowl panels, roofs, trim tabs and fairings, sun visor assemblies, structural door surrounds, exterior trims, A-pillars, air deflectors, under hood panels, fan shrouds, windshield wiper housings (rain trays), cooling modules, battery boxes/covers, engine covers, interior/exterior, firewalls, and interior panels.

FRP Benefits
Where in Canada do you ship your Hand Lay-Up products to?

We work with companies all across Canada and ship our fiberglass products to all the major Canadian cities, including:


We have been working with a number of different clients from a variety of industries. People come to us because we always deliver amazing final results that our clients love. If you need customized solutions for your components, our fiberglass manufacturing company is the one you will want to call. Our team manufactures components for businesses in many industries including:

Our Partners

Our company has developed strong working relationships with companies from so many industries because of our commitment to delivering high-quality components. Here are some of the companies we have helped:
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